Wednesday, May 09, 2007

There's more than one way...

to store knitting needles! Several years ago, I bought a beautiful hand knitted sweater at a local craft fair - the more I wore the sweater the larger it stretched. I tried blocking it with no success so I felted it instead. The ever growing sweater felted into a shrug that was just too heavy and anyway I am not a shrug kind of girls (busty girls wearing shrugs just look too obvious.) Meanwhile I've been thinking about how to organize my knitting needle collection ....viola! the felted sweater is now a wonderful knitting needle case...the felting is loose enough that I can fit needles into it and snug enough that they'll stay.

I did 60 minutes of cardio circuit training at the gym today - 15 minutes on four different pieces of cardio equipment. The stair climber was the most challenging perhaps in part because I saved it until last. I'm planning a run in the neighborhood tomorrow afternoon, working the next three days (where I always walk at least 10,000 steps) and then Paris! I received a collection of Paris walking maps I intend to use - each are 3 or so miles long and appear to have clear, chatty directions along with beautiful pictures.