Sunday, July 13, 2008

At Leisure

Finally a stay at home weekend .... I put this knitted square in the mail for a charity afghan project. For those of you who knit you will recognize the aran design and the somewhat intricate work necessary in making this square. I need a challenge from time to time in my knitting. I tend to made easy, repetitive items that require little concentration and can be worked while talking or watching a movie but a project requiring more attention helps in maintaining and further developing my skills.

After a short but challenging run/walk up and back Mill Mountain I headed to the Roanoke City Market. I picked up the fresh ingredients for my dinner - eggplant, peppers, tomatoes and fresh bread. I admired these garnet raspberries although I did not purchase any.

I did bring this cheerful trio of sunflowers home.

The above mentioned vegetables along with basil, thyme and rosemary from my garden and onion and garlic from the grocery compose this delicious ratatouille.

That yellow bloom from the renegade plant in my garden,well, here it is today - a watermelon perhaps? I shall see...