Sunday, April 06, 2008

In Response to J

I admire the orchid's beauty but prefer to nurture vegetables and herbs.
I shall obtain a tripod when I purchase a new camera.
I have a cat who would find batting about the blooms an enjoyable adventure.
I study the scenes of Old Key West in The Rose Tattoo.
I savor the sweetness and saltiness of peanut sauces.
I now store my knitting needles in a zippered bag I purchased in Paris.
I find my boldness in stating my opinions distressing to some.
I can only digest Nietzsche in small quantities.
I intend to replace my store bought socks with hand knit ones as the store boughts wear out.
I enjoy being outdoors but wish the outboard engine was less noisy.
I'm not sure I understand that statement.
I have also be described as kind, aloof, eccentric and enigmatic...

Roanoke Street Art

I spotted this clothing display on a curb while stopping by a local thrift shop. A tall, thin fellow was pacing around this small collection while energetically puffing on a cigarette. I did not press a conversation with him but he did give me permission to take a few photos.