Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lunch and a Movie

After too many days of feeling so sickly I decided to venture out to see a movie and have lunch at a new restaurant. As I was climbing into my vehicle, I saw these beautiful blue morning glories clinging to our fence. Why are these plants with such beautiful flowers considered thugs? I have seen the seeds for sell...hum...maybe I'll plant some next year.

Grandin Village is a neighborhood shopping area I just don't visit enough. Issac's Restaurant will lure me back soon - the falafel was fresh and tasty - one of the best I've ever eaten!

Around the corner from Issac's I spotted this grocery store. Mick or Mack was a small chain of grocery stores in Roanoke that were scattered throughout the valley. I remember shopping there as a child with my parents. This is the last one in the valley - the retro letters spelling out Mick or Mack have sometimes been purchased and reused in other settings. I enjoy seeing this creative use of such cool illuminated signs.

I seldom go to movies...I prefer watching movies at home comfortably lounging in my favorite chair when knitting. Netflix has a great selection of documentaries that I particularly enjoy and the convenience is wonderful. After my trip to the Grandin Theater to see La Vie En Rose I promise to better support this Roanoke jewel. I remember sitting in the balcony with a group of high school friends watching The Towering Inferno and later on seeing John Prine in concert there. The theater closed for a period of time but seems to be stable financially these days with a combination of private and public support.

After the movie, I explored the shops located in the renovated storefront that once housed a drugstore. Coda Coffee Shop is a spacious open area serving coffee, desserts and beer and sponsors music regularly. Village Flowers offers a wide variety of floral arrangements,potted plants and cut flowers. On Friday afternoons, cut flowers are half price so I picked up a bouquet for my work table!

No blog is complete unless I mention knitting .... two more cotton washcloths. What about exercising...well, I walk a lot at work....