Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Apron swap

I learned to sew about the same time I learned to knit. My first project was a sack dress I sewed by hand for a 4-H project in the 4th grade. A few years later I received a sewing machine and I have sewn simple projects ever since. One of my daily reads is the blog down to earth. The beautiful author of this blog discusses simple, mindful living and the joy of finding pride in everyday household responsibilities. This month she coordinated an apron swap and guess what - I was paired up with a fellow vegetarian who is also strives toward veganism! Anyway, today is the deadline for posting the aprons and here's mine- If you're interested in the pattern go here...

Along with the apron I included a knitted dishcloth I made from cotton string used to tie together the linen bundles at the hospital where I work. One of the housekeepers found a bag of this string beside one of the linen bins and I am having great fun tying the string together and knitting up dishcloths. I'm taking pictures of the dishcloths posing with the many pieces of hospital memorabilia I've acquired over the years. I love forward to hearing her response and seeing the other aprons as pictures are posted.
Yes, I am exercising - mostly riding my exercise bike for 30 minutes each day and taking the stairs at work...there is also the annual charity 5k I plan to run next weekend.