Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday musings and observations

Virginia enjoys stalking the squirrels and birds roaming in the backyard and is always looking for a hideout. An overturned fertilizer dispenser provides a shady place to peer out at her prey. Don't worry, she is only allowed outdoors under supervision :-).

My husband rescued several unwanted hostas from a landscaping job he did with a friend a couple of years ago. They are madly growing under the trees in our backyard - What a wonderful free gift!

I grew up hanging clothes on a clothesline - my parents did not have a dryer until all of us left home. My mom still uses her clothesline even though they now have a dryer. I remember school morningswhen I frantically tried to dry my favorite pair of jeans by putting them in the oven. Now clotheslines are not allowed in many neighborhoods - I'm happy to see many clotheslines in use in our neighborhood. I read somewhere that drying one load of clothes cost approximately one dollar - seems like a good enough reason for me to keep using that clothesline!