Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Day in My Life

I look forward to reading this blog each day - wonder what she will do with this list?

get up with the alarm clock around 6a or so
start coffee
read newspaper
feed cat
do a little housework - laundry, dishes, whatever
take shower
check out eyebrows
get dressed
pick up around the house a little
get packed lunch out of fridge
drive to work while listening to NPR
look at the river as I walk across the bridge from the parking garage
punch in
speak to all my co workers
check my email throughout the day when I have a moment
punch out at the end of the workday
drive home
start dinner
unload dishwasher
take out trash and compost materials
eat dinner with hubby
straighten up kitchen
pack lunch for next day
check email, read blogs
write in blog
get ready for bed
read in bed a while
check clock
sleep - maybe getting up once to go to bathroom
wake up and have another beautiful day