Monday, July 24, 2006

Day of Rest ...Sorta

Worked a 8 hour shift - everyone in the hospital knows that Mondays are chaos! No running/walking today besides what I did at work - still a little sore from the run on Saturday. About that Saturday was a 5k up and down hills and much of the path was on a slant - we were running on the side of the hills rather than straight up and down. Wonder how many twisted ankles happened? The fields were in use so had been plowed and were uneven - lots of small holes to sink a foot into. Lots of cow mature too! The cows in the next field over followed the runners probably wondering what we were doing and questioning the sensibility of us humans. Aside all that I had a wonderful time finishing dead last and the young fellow driving the ATV a respectful distance behind me gave me a hug at the finish line. First time I've ever been last AND the oldest woman! Time was 40 minutes and I was happy - the hardest race I've ever done! Resting up for a long trail run with my best buddy Linda - starting at 8am hoping to beat the heat.

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