Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hot Weather Running

Ran 1.5 miles on Saturday to meet my husband at the local golfer's hangout after he played 18 holes with 11 other men. At 5 pm the temperature was still close to 90. I had the opportunity to run with Linda today early but slept in on my first full day of vacation. Husband left for another golf game at 11a today and I headed out to the reservoir where I've been running trails with Linda since the early spring. Another hot day with a temperature of almost 100F on the post directly in the full sun at noon - I believe the official temperature was in the low 90s- still hot! I had my 1 l hydration pack on and planned to have a fitness run/walk with at 15 minute/mile pace. I met three young fellows mountain biking, a couple hiking with their dog, and a family of three with a dog - I stopped and briefly chatted with each of them. I also saw a turkey and five deer but couldn't get pictures of the animals. Got to the bridge at the 4 mile post at a 15 minute/mile pace (kept track with my chronograph). Took a quick bathroom break and headed back to my car - drinking water each time I started uphill and pacing myself in the hot weather. I was grateful to see the 1/2 post on my way back in, having another quick break and taking off my pack to cool down a bit. Good run/walk at a 15minute/mile in the heat - I drank the entire liter of water I was carrying. I'm starting to feel more confident about the half marathon trail run I'm doing in September. My goal is to finish on my feet!

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