Sunday, August 27, 2006

Day of Rest ?

Had planned a long run today with Linda but both of us had immediate tasks to attend to so the run was cancelled. Ninety plus temperatures today will also make running pretty miserable. I spent the morning doing the usual household chores and cooked one of my favorite breakfasts when I have a slow paced morning. Husband off on his regular Sunday morning golf game.... OK, more about my favorite breakfast dish - I have been vegetarian since I was 30 (one of those turning thirty years old resolutions). I do eat eggs, cheese and some dairy products so that makes me a lacto-ovo-vegetarian if anyone is interested. For this yummy breakfast, gently boil one unpeeled potato for each serving in a covered pot until you can prick the potato easily with a fork but not until the potato is soft and falling apart.If you happen to have a left over baked potato from dinner last night you can use that - you just skip the boiling part and go right to the skillet part below. While the potato is boiling, chop up garlic, onion, green or red pepper and heat some olive oil in a skillet. Warm the oil to a medium temperature, add the chopped veggies and saute them until they are soft. Cut the cooked potato into medium sized chunks and add to the veggies in the skillet. Stir them around and turn up the heat if you like your potatoes a little crunchy. When the potatoes are done to your liking, break one egg over the mixture and stir around until the egg is done. You may also add fresh herbs and cheese if you like. I added fresh home grown basil to my mix. Scoop onto a plate and enjoy - this is my adaptation of southern fried potatoes. Eat this and you'll have a full, happy tummy for most of the day!

After breakfast, I worked on the raised garden bed my husband made last week. The soil is the usual hard as a rock Southwest Virginia clay so I will be working on enriching this soil throughout this fall. I grew up with regular gardening chores that I didn't mind much of the time and have had some sort of garden most everywhere I've lived. I have a degree in horticulture that I completed in my early 20s but found that employment in that profession was unreliable and seasonal. That knowledge has certainly come in handy over the years as a hobbyist gardener and landscaper. Today I added topsoil to the bed and mulched leaves and grass clippings from the lawn. I also compost all the kitchen food waste in a bin I have in the corner of the backyard and will add that early next spring. I hope for beautiful tomatoes, squash, peppers and berbs next year.

As I finished up my work on the raised bed I noticed Virginia the cat in the grass close by - oh, the life of a cat!

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