Sunday, August 13, 2006

Warning : Minimal Running Content

Once a week or so, I like to have an at home day where I do not move the cars - gives me a chance to catch up around the home and reduce car exhaust emissions. Today is one of those days. First, I made a batch of roasted pepper basil pesto with the basil picked from my little garden. Pesto is incredibly easy to make - fresh basil , garlic, olive oil and other veggies if you like. Marinated artichokes are also good to add in the mix. I just root around in my fridge to see what I have to add. Put the ingredients together in a blender ( I use a little Black and Decker chopper), blend to a thick consistency and you're done. I spoon the pesto into a ziplock bag and freeze - thawing and pouring out what I need and refreezing the rest until the next time. Freezing is simple and the pesto is wonderful to mix with pasta for a quick, delicious meal. I grate fresh parmesan cheese over the pesto just before I sit down to eat. Pine nuts are generally added to pesto but I am not so fond of them so I just don't bother. Secondly, I finshed a little pink sweater I knitted for a friend's child. I worked on this sweater poolside while on vacation in Key West and also knitted in the airport on the way back home. I was able to carry my knitting needles in my carry on backpack - wondered if I could do that but seemed to be no problem at all. Hard to imagine knitting needles being used as weapons but just never know ..... Plan to read the rest of the day....Will run along the river greenway tomorrow and then back to work for 3 consecutive 12 hours shifts - will run again Friday and Saturday.

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