Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Did It!

Back home with sore legs and the knowledge that I can move forward on my feet for 13 consecutive miles! Now about the run....drove up the day before to the beautiful little cabin we had reserved at the state park. These cabins were built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps and have been updated to include electricity, heat and air condition, indoor plumbing and kitchen. What is not included is a TV, phone or internet access - wonderful! The run, along with the other events, started at 7am Saturday morning so we turned in rather early Friday night with the plan to get up at 5am Saturday to eat breakfast, pack gear, and stretch prior to the run. Seven am found us at the lake with the bikers, swimmers and other runners - final count of people only running the half/full marathon was around 40 but there were a quite a few more participating the the duathlon and triathlon - now I can't imagine doing all that! The first mile was mainly on pavement and then took us into the woods and onto the various trails well marked with orange ties and posted mile markers. We was also given written directions. The next mile or so was along the lake and gave a beautiful view of the fog and the swimmers.

Total elevation climb was ~ 2000 feet but it came all at once as a steady climb up the mountain including these steps that must have been built by someone at least 6 and a half feet tall!

I found this a challenge and walked most of miles 3 - 6 ..... one of the rules of trail running is "Run the runables and walk (briskly) up the hills". This cabin was at the overlook near the midway point and also served as a check station and a water stop.

The downhill was ~ the second half and I ran that portion with little problem. Trail running is not as fast as road racing because you have to watch your step for rocks, roots etc. otherwise you could have a nasty injury. I had no falls but I did lurch forward a number of times. As I passed each mile march I would shout "Eight (or how ever many) miles to go" and would think about similar distances I had previously ran. I finished in slightly less than four hours and am happy with my time - this was not a supported run so you had to carry all the fluids, food etc. that you thought you would need. I carried a Camelback with a full 1.5 liter water bladder, a gatorade, energy gels, toilet paper, alcohol hand cleaner and a whistle around my neck. I also carried my camera to record this fabulous event - that's the only extra piece of gear I had. After the run, Linda and I tailgated for a little eating a lunch of cheese sandwiches, chips and I drank part of a Rockstar Energy Drink - yuck!!

I believe my time on a supported road run will be a little better but I can't imagine the views could be any more spectacular. I'll see how my time is on the Star City Half Marathon in November - yes, I'm already planning my next half!

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Tim said...

Great job Sandra! I just did my first 1/2 marathon as well - the Va Beach Rock and Roll 1/2 - Will also be running the Star City 1/2 in November so I will look for you!

I am new to this blogging stuff - can't even figure out how to upload pictures!