Monday, October 23, 2006

Cold Weather is here!

Windy, cold weather with the possibility of snow flurries in the surrounding mountains - with a hard frost likely tonight I pulled the lettuce from my little lettuce patch.
Spent the rest of the day after class studying and knitting - my current project is cotton washclothes knitted on size 5 needles making them thick and tightly woven. These needles were the first ones I bought when I learned to knit in elementary school. I figure they are close to 40 years old - one is a little bent and the color is worn from the tips. My first project was a long gone hairband but I still have a sweater I knitted in middle school.
With this cooler weather I'll be back to the YMCA to run .... will still be outside on the less windy days. Cold weather has arrived...

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