Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sometimes Life is Hard....

But I know it will get better....meanwhile, cleaning out the refrigerator and creatively using leftovers -
First, I punched up some tomato sauce my husband said was "bland" with onions, garlic, table dry red wine and simmered (the sauce, well I did simmer a little from that comment) for an hour or so then pouring it over pasta for a great work lunch tomorrow.
Secondly, sauteed garlic and onions in olive oil, mixing in fresh kale and rosemary from my fall garden the last few minutes of saute time....mixed that delicious concoction with leftover mashed sweet potatoes. Scooped that beautiful fall mixture into a baking dish, topping it with french bread crumbs (another leftover) and baked at 350 degrees for ~45 minutes.
Since the oven was on, I also baked a small fall squash to use later this week after scooping out the seeds and roasting them with olive oil, rosemary and kosher salt!
I cut some of the fresh rosemary to take to work tomorrow for a dear, appreciative coworker.

Third, made a fresh salad from the leaf lettuce still growing outside.

Last, finished up a red sweater for a coworker's little daughter.
Going to bed now and read the latest issue of "The Sun"....tomorrow will be better.

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Vivacious Vegan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. That Mutt's comic was too cute! Your food here looks great! My rosemary plant died and I'm really sad. Dried rosemary just isn't the same.