Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In the last week....

I occasionally do a little thrift store shopping - I'm always on the lookout for books, vintage linens and vintage wool suit jackets. Yesterday I hit the thrift store jackpot. First, I found this brand new REDfish design straw tote that will be perfect to take along on my vacation/holiday to Marco Island, Florida next week.

I found several dishes to coordinate with my dishes that belonged to my husband's mother. I love the retro orange, yellow and green flowers and my husband is happy I rescued his mom's dishes from the basement.

I also found several books to add to my collection I'm toting with me to the Bookcrossing Convention in Charleston, SC in April. All this great stuff for $5.50 -my kind of shopping!

Last Thursday, I tried a pasta dish I adapted from a recipe I saw on the Rachael Ray show. I'm not a huge fan of hers but when you're knitting ....well, you just can't control the TV. The sauteed onions, beets, swiss chard, and beet greens were tasty but a little too earthy for my palate. I'll make it again adding a wider variety of root vegetables and reduce the amount of beets and greens. Slowly sauteed beets do have a wonderfully sweet favor....the dish also had a gorgeous post Valentine's Day color!

Yes, I'm knitting another pair of socks! I'm using Austermann Step - what a soft yarn. I'll post a pic of the finished product.

I've been riding my exercise bike and plan to join my running partner tomorrow. Big changes coming up that will free up my time - more about that once it's done!

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