Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snow finally AND no more socks for awhile!!!

Woke up yesterday morning to ~4 inches of snow and frigid temps! We usually have some snow here every year but not huge amounts like in the higher elevations west of Roanoke.

That said,every couple of years we are surprised with a foot or more of snow..... So what did I do in this snowy weather? I knitted yet another pair of socks - that makes 5 pairs since Christmas!

No more until I go on vacation/holiday the first weekend of March to Marco Island, Florida. I have other knitting projects that need attention until then. I'm organizing an afghan project for Bookcrossing to be raffled off at the Convention in Charleston, SC in April. Donations of wonderfully colorful, creative squares are arriving almost every day
...... so that is my promise - no more sock knitting until Florida.
P.S. I love this story ..... I haven't given up on running - plan on running to the best of my ability for a long time!
Jack Kirk, the Dipsea Demon, dies at 100

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d. chedwick bryant said...

Nice sox! Just reading thru your blog. Have fun in FL, and I hope it is toasty down there during your visit.