Thursday, May 31, 2007

Back on the home front...

After work last night, I meet my husband for a night of camping along Craig' Creek ~
45 minutes northeast of Roanoke. Earlier this year, we purchased a pop up camper and this was the first time we had the opportunity to use it. Now I know that some people may wonder how a woman who just spend a week in Paris could possibly enjoy camping and all I can say is that I enjoy both for the chance to veer off my usual routines and experience life from a different perspective be it on the streets of Paris speaking high school French or relaxing along a creek listening to the tree frogs. The sound of the water was a soothing accompaniment to a restful night of sleep.
Driving back this morning, I spotted these stone structures that were furnaces used in iron manufacturing in the 18th century. These are now preserved for their historic value. Closer home, I snapped a picture of this delightful barber shop
- it looks as if it should be on the set of the Andy Griffith show. BTW, reruns of the Andy Griffith show have been running on one of the local TV stations for years - anytime there is talk of changing the schedule there is so much local protest it remains - I admit to being one of the loyal fans!

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