Thursday, June 07, 2007

Paris - Random Thoughts

I enjoy cities that are easy to navigate by foot or public transportation - Paris is certainly one. I hope to perhaps retire to a city where I don't need to have a car ...
New York City is first on my list - Is Paris too much a dream? Speaking of cars, I was intrigued by the Smart cars I saw all over Paris.

When I returned to work a friend said she had found just the car she wanted and guess what it was a Smart car! Do I put down a deposit for one when they're available in the U.S. next year? Hummmm.... I loved all the parks tucked away throughout Paris and seeing people enjoying them. Eating,napping,reading,studying,visiting,playing were all common park activities. I wish our green spaces were appreciated as much.

Finally, the key system at the hotel was energy conserving - I'll explain...The card key is attached to a heavy metal fob. After you open the door you slide the card into a slot just inside the door and your electricity is turned on. When you leave you remoe the card from the slot and the electricity is turned off. Smart huh? You then turn in the key to the front desk and pick it back up when you return. We plan to rent an apartment in Paris next year for a month .... it can easily be done and is less expensive than staying in a hotel. I'll also get to shop the markets and cook! Working the overtime now and saving up - Paris, France I'm coming back...

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