Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New Camera!

Received a new Sony Cyber-shot W series with 7.2 megapixels today. My old camera was a Sony cyper-shot and I liked it just fine. I don't want anything complicated ....just something to snap photos and enjoy. I ordered it via Amazon with overnight delivery which I figure is more economical than me driving all over town looking for it. Not only do I consider the cost of gas but I only consider the value of my own time and what else I could be doing with that time - so internet research and shopping seems like the best for me.

I've decided - no more knitting with yarn I don't like. I bought a bunch of Lion Homespun last year but was frustrated that how ratty the WIP would look by the time I bound it off. So off to the Goodwill store it goes! There is just too much good inexpensive wool/acrylic yarn that knits up wonderfully and looks great....

Scenes from the garden as I play with my new camera....



Cucuzza Squash seedling


Cat (wheat) grass



Pineapple sage

Back to work tomorrow....need to continue learning about the camera....

Finishing my 5 days off work by completing yet another pair of socks - ankle socks in Lorna's Shepherd sockweight - I knitted the toes with a double strand to wear them longer. I'll be digging through my stash for more sock yarn in the next day or two!

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Cute ankle socks!