Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Wonderfully Satisfying Saturday

I ran the Coventry Commonwealth Games 5k today - the course was the Wiley Drive -Smith- Wasena Park Greenway. The weather was breezy and comfortable for morning running. I found myself at the back of the pack (no surprise!) and had a good conversation with a young woman who was running her first 5k. We helped each other get to the finish least I was not dead last! I headed downtown to pick up some wonderful vegan handmade soap from Rebecca. The fragrant lavender soap is presently resting in a ceramic dish providing just the right amount of soothing lavender scent as I fall asleep. I also picked up four more basil plants so I can make oodles of pesto to freeze for the wintertime.

This small park is between two buildings across the street from the old fire station. The benches, tables and planters are made locally by Twists and Turns.

I headed north for about an hour to visit Orchardside Yarn Shop and take in their annual festival. I purchased some great yarn from the 50% off shelf and of course picked up another ball of sock yarn. I admired the alpacas but am still trying to not buy any more animal fiber yarn. This friendly poodle seemed to enjoy all the attention...

A view from the front of the shop...

Next stop - Buffalo Springs Herb Farm - wow! I'll be back to visit in the spring and pick up plants for my herb collection.

In several places I spotted succulents peeking out from the stone walks....

Unlike the poodle at Orchardside Yarn Shop, I think this cat was rather dismayed at all the commotion... Following are various buildings and gardens on the property - I particularly enjoyed the lavender garden. I plan to plant lavender outside our bedroom window....what a wonderful scent to lull one to sleep.

I stopped by Rockbridge Vineyard (well,it was right there) and tasted several good wines and picked up several bottles. Virginia is becoming quite known for the wine produced here. I particularly enjoyed the St. Mary's Blanc - a dry, barrel fermented Vidal/Chardonnay.

Driving back home I avoided the interstate and took a less traveled road to Lexington. Stopped in for lunch at The Palms and plan to have a day trip to Lexington to browse the downtown shops and the historic areas. I'll try lunch at the Blue Sky Bakery next time.
Relaxing and knitting on our patio I heard this piece on NPR about Nancy Cunard. I must learn more about this intriguing woman. Running, knitting, wine tasting and listening to NPR...what a satisfying day!

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