Monday, August 27, 2007

Saturday Knitting

I started this hot Saturday by visiting the Indian Festival at Elmwood Park in Downtown Roanoke. Native dances were presented as Indian music played with the wonderfully spicy yet cool aromas of Indian food breezed on the humid air. I enjoyed a veggie plate from one of the local vendors while watching a group of young people dancing on stage.

Water lilies were in full bloom in the pools in the middle of the walkways in the park. Most of the year these are covered - it was quite a joy to see them open with the beautiful blooming lilies. I wonder how many people were tempted to dip their feet in the water?

Leaving the festival I heading to Lynchburg for the second session in my two day knitting socks on two circulars class at Backstitches. I've tried to learn this technique by studying books but had no luck - this class was just what I needed! Watch for pictures of socks again very soon - I know you can't wait. My little road trip took me past the area where I grow up ...

My first job was here .....taking orders, doing fast food prep work and serving soft serve ice cream cones and sundaes.

My family lived in this little house for about a year just before I started first grade. We called this "the little rock house". I still love the rustic rock work and the tin roof but I fear this house will be demolished soon. It's vacant and much construction is going on close by.

Traveling back from class I spotted this curious building - wonder just what Rachel's Inn was? Maybe a diner? Obviously, it's been closed for some time.

I enjoy seeing the soft serve ice cream shops with the red, white, blue color scheme...

Another fun highway sign...

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