Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sick Day

Called in sick to work yesterday with a cold and the aches .... little better today but no energy AND the insanely hot weather doesn't help. I cooked up a healthy dinner of fresh roasted grape tomatoes with zucchini "pasta". I sliced the zucchini with a madoline and dunked it in boiling water for just a moment. If this doesn't make me feel better nothing will!

I enjoyed knitting my top down raglan sweater so much that I made another in a child's size to give a coworker. A quick knit and no seams!

I ventured downtown to pick up some vegetables and found another wonderful soap fragrance at Rebecca's market stall- sandalwood - once of my favorites. The soap is resting upon yet another cotton knit washcloth I've made lately.

We were blessed with a brief rain shower this afternoon - it will take a long steady rainfall to penetrate this rock hard clay soil so prevalent in SW VA...

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Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better.

The top down raglan is darling.