Sunday, March 02, 2008


I'm acutely aware of my hands - the work I do, the care I give - all remind me of the tremendous power inherent in those collections of bones,skin, muscle and tendons. While the nurse is caring for the critically injured burn patient adjusting and measuring fluids, monitoring hemodynamic status and closely guarding pain management another is applying splints to the injured hands. Hands are closely studied for clues as to one's essential intent. This short story read in high school haunts me still... Hands by Sherwood Anderson....

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Σφιγξ said...

My first story from Winesburg,Ohio was "Paper Pills" in high school.

To staunch a consented wound after reading "Hands" I looked up Hart Crane's

"Episode of Hands"(1920)

The unexpected interest made him flush,
Suddenly he seemed to forget the pain,--
Consented,--and held out
One finger from the others.

The gash was bleeding, and a shaft of sun
That glittered in and out of the wheels,
Fell lightly, warmly, down into the wound.

And as the fingers of the factory owner's son,
That knew a grip for books and tennis
As well as one for iron and leather,--
As his taut, spare fingers wound the gauze
Around the thick bed of the wound,
His own hands seemed to him
Like wings of butterflies
Flickering in sunlight over summer fields.

The knots and notches,--many in the wide
Deep hand that lay in his,--seemed beautiful.
They were like the marks of wild ponies' play,--
Bunches of new green breaking a hard turf.

And factory sounds and factory thoughts
Were banished from him by that larger, quieter hand
That lay in his with the sun upon it.
And as the bandaged knot was tightened
The two men smiled into each other's eyes.