Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lunch and a Film

Grandin Village is an area of Roanoke I enjoy exploring but don't visit as often as I once did. The Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op has been an anchor in the area for years and I used to do the bulk of my grocery shopping there because it was the only source of many of the foods I like . With the greater variety in the larger grocery stores and the proliferation of ethnic food shops in town I just don't go there as often. One unique feature of the co-op is a great deli with many vegetarian/vegan selections and is just the place to grab a quick tasty meal before heading across the street to the Grandin Theatre. Today I had a yummy sandwich of grilled tofu marinated in spicy Asian seasonings and dressed with crunchy alfalfa sprouts, julienned carrots and thinly sliced purple onion on fresh whole wheat bread.
I also tried a vegan peanut butter brownie but sadly it was not so good - too heavy and strangely devoid of flavor. Vegan baking is a challenge but I've had much better...oh well.

After lunch I saw 4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days at the Grandin. This film chronicled the 24 or so hours of one young women having an illegal abortion accompanied by her dorm roommate. The film focused on the roommate's perspective and reactions throughout the experience. She unwillingly became an active participant and victim of her friend's dilemma. The final scene in the hotel restaurant continues to haunt me - the food description given by the waiter was gut wrenching considered what had occurred in the upstairs hotel room.

After the film, I needed a walk in the cool breeze ....stopped in a Mediterranean Grocery - the talkative shopkeepers were helpful and I left with some pantry staples along with some cheese described to me as mozzarella like but more flavorful. This alley way reminded me of several scenes from the movie, however, those scenes were shot during the night and the alley ways were much longer and sinister.
Adjoining the parking lot behind the co-op I spotted this carpet of small white flowers growing under a tall, barren tree. I appreciate the renewal of life springtime brings...

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Conchscooter said...

That flick was at the Tropic in Key West last week but I didn't have the nerve to go...and tonight I accidentally saw I'm Not There a pretend Dylan biography which struck me as being Fellini on acid in slow motion. And I'm too old for acid trips. And then I had a Cuban mix sandwich. Hmph. Parallel lives.