Friday, March 21, 2008

The Rest of the Day....

A day off sandwiched between a night shift before and a day shift afterwards can easily feel wasted - this was not such a day. After sleeping until noon, I inspected my seedlings and did some meal planning for the next couple of days purchasing Thai basil and spring onions at the nearby Oriental market

to make a peanut curry vegetable casserole inspired by urban vegan.

I also whipped up a quick curry and sun dried tomato hummus with the garbanzo beans not used in the casserole.

Sadly, I heard that Cafe Soleil is closing today. I've enjoyed many cups of coffee at this locally owned coffee shop on the northwest side of town. The owner cited "not enough business" as the reason for closing. Changes small and immense continue....

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RedInkstone said...

The hummus looks delicious;
Is it just the usual base (Tahini, etc.) with sun-dried tomatoes and curry paste put in ?