Sunday, April 06, 2008

In Response to J

I admire the orchid's beauty but prefer to nurture vegetables and herbs.
I shall obtain a tripod when I purchase a new camera.
I have a cat who would find batting about the blooms an enjoyable adventure.
I study the scenes of Old Key West in The Rose Tattoo.
I savor the sweetness and saltiness of peanut sauces.
I now store my knitting needles in a zippered bag I purchased in Paris.
I find my boldness in stating my opinions distressing to some.
I can only digest Nietzsche in small quantities.
I intend to replace my store bought socks with hand knit ones as the store boughts wear out.
I enjoy being outdoors but wish the outboard engine was less noisy.
I'm not sure I understand that statement.
I have also be described as kind, aloof, eccentric and enigmatic...


Σφιγξ said...

I assumed that the chores of staking and draining orchids seemed less "forgiving" if not

I was charmed by the image of domestic witchery--impaling a cast off garment with needles, in a closet, no less.

I might read or might have read Nietzsche, but lately I find that I never really understood what I was consolation of living longer is the involuntary absorption and restructuring of one's opinions. Such changes come when we are ready for them?

I find it a paradox, characterizing most enigmatic people, that things and ideas come between them, in an attempt to draw them closer together...the veils of multi-meaning, if you will.

I think some truth lies buried in The Rose Tattoo, I ask you if one profile herself with a specific film only to partake in the scenery?

A self-defined wallflower in high school, but not now...your boldness appears to have attracted droves of admirers.

Σφιγξ said...


Conchscooter said...

how delightfully engimatic.Oh and the hell with them (whoever they are) if they don't like opinions. Sod Nietszche too while you're about it.