Saturday, April 12, 2008

Running Mojo

I run/walked the Star City Women's 5k this morning and have recovered my running mojo. I started running 3 years again and was diligent about training and competing for the first two years. In the last year I've not done so well - my time today was about the same as my 5k times towards the end of my first season. Not bad considering I've done little running but have continued to walk and incorporate exercise in my daily routine. I have quite a bit to go in order to have a 28 minute 5k time by the time I am fifty.
After the race I had a veggie primivara sandwich at Grace's Place and headed home for afternoon sleep in preparation for working a night shift tonight....zzzzzz......

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RedInkstone said...

I am so going to get 'spanked' for this, but I have a personal vacation coming up anyways:

That looks disheveledly delicious;