Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Along Williamson Road...

Populated with all manner of businesses, Williamson Road is considered by many of the residents of this city to be an eyesore because of the jumble of signs and building signs that predate ordinances. Living on side street in a quiet neighborhood off Williamson Road I have come to enjoy the charm and earnestness of the area. Today I took a walk along the road with the intention of delivering a package to a friend that works in an office that used to house the automotive department for Sears but apparently arrived a few minutes late because the office was closed. Oh well, I had a great five mile walk and snapped some photos along the way.

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KnitNana said...

I'm SO SORRY that you arrived just after the office closed! But those photos are terrific (now I'm hungry for a New Yorker Torpedo!)...and what is it with the one glove phenomenon???
(I truly cannot imagine making a 5 mile walk in that heat today...)