Saturday, August 19, 2006

Back to Serious Running

After three 12hour+ shifts at the hospital and one day to recover and catch up on chores I was ready for some serious running. The half marathon September 9 is looking mighty close! I started the morning meeting the women's training group organized by the Star City Striders in preparation for the annual Women's 5k run held the first of October. The group was about evenly split walkers, run/walkers, and runners. I joined the run/walk group to help mentor them and fell into conversation with a young women who had ran cross country in high school and wanted to start running again to improve her health. She set the pace and we ran/walked for ~2 miles and meet up with the rest of the group. The plan is to meet every Saturday morning at various sites and the goal is for everyone to finish the 5k at their own pace.

After finishing up there, I drove out to the reservoir to meet Linda and trail run. We run/walked 10 miles at a 15 minute/mile pace as the temperatures climbed into a rather uncomfortable mid 80s. We have two more long runs planned before September 9 and will do shorter runs together or separately as schedules permit. Many runners, hikers and bikers out today - both the cove and the greenway along the river are such treasures in the valley.

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