Sunday, August 20, 2006

Feels Like the End of Summer for Me...

Slept in this morning and then took a nap after lunch - recovery hard today after the 12 miles yesterday. Took some aspirin and drank extra fluids and finally the aches in the legs and feet subsided by midafternoon. The aches seemed normal fatigue type pain not injury pain but I listened to my body and had a slow start to the day. Once up and about went downtown to wander around and pick up some of the last peaches of this year's harvest.
Tomorrow I start back to school to study respiratory therapy - need a change after being a RN for 20 years. Classes in the morning and then working evening shift so will run after class. I'm up to the challenge to making it all work and keeping focused on the priorities in my life - my health, my husband and my will work out.

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