Saturday, September 16, 2006

Seemed Like All Uphill

Ran the Uptown/Downtown Rocky Mount 5k this morning - beautiful scenery and friendly people but wow what a hilly course! The children's fun runs are wonderful to watch and all the children receive an award.

I did a little better than last year but not as good as I hoped for receiving a second place medal in my age division but then I'm pretty sure there were only two of us in that category - oh well! I enjoy this race because it begins/ends at the farmers' market and I like picking up produce there. The market is small but the quality of the produce is great and is homegrown unlike some of the produce on the Roanoke Market.

After the run had a great cup of cappucino at Edible Vibe - also purchased a bottle of delicious homemade Thai peanut ginger dressing and vegetable chips. I like using the dressing as a marinade for tofu and to add to stir fry veggies. I plan to have both these meals later this week. Indulged myself in a little clothes shopping for a pair of casual black pants at J&J Fashions - much of their styles are not my taste (no scrubs or running gear here) but they carry several styles of women's jeans that flatter a real woman's body and do not look matronly.

Back to Roanoke to stop at the market for a little more shopping and a quick lunch with friends at Trio - good, healthy succotach wrap and a cold beverage. Cooking green beans with red potatoes,corn on the cob and a steak (!) for my husband. Yes, I am vegetarian but I don't particularly mind cooking meat - would rather not but I don't think I'll be converting my husband to a vegetarian diet anytime soon.

Back to my running plan, will do a 3-4 mile run downtown Monday or Wednesday, long run Thursday and Saturday, and run the Rocky Mount course again Friday when I pick up my hemmed pants. Will treat myself to lunch at Edible Vibe as well!

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