Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Gift of Time

No lecture after the test in my afternoon class today so I had an unplannned extra hour! Weather is cool but certainly bearable so I decided to do some errands on foot and get some much needed exercise. I live within a mile or so of a grocery store, drugstore, post office, library, several ethnic markets - there's much more commerce close by but these are the places I usually go. With my running shoes on my feet and the packages of Bookcrossing books I needed to send I headed to the post office. This neighborhood is friendly to walking with many sidewalks and plenty of stop signs (drivers can only go so fast if there's a stop sign ahead). I try to minimize the use of my vehicle but could certainly do better - Roanoke does not have a very efficient bus system. To get most anywhere, you have to first ride to downtown and transfer to another bus. I've tried to use the bus sytem throughout the years but it never seemed to work for me. I often consider what I'd do for transportation as I age because I suspect I'll need to stop driving at a relatively young age due to my (corrected) poor vision. Oh well, as long as I keep on my feet I'll be able to get around. I had a wonderful brisk ~3 mile walk - good use of my "extra" time today. Next two days are work days...notice anything about the clock?

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