Sunday, June 24, 2007

Early Sunday morning run and afternoon knitting

Decided to get out early this AM before the heat arrives - already 69 degrees at 8am. Ran ~3 miles in the neighborhood winding up and down the hills....walked a little but forced myself to run all the inclines and,hey,it wasn't even too terribly bad. I suppose those 12 hours shifts on my feet and the 10,000+ steps I take are helping me stay fit!

On my run I saw this portulaca growing out of a crack in the asphalt - apparently a seed or two escaped from the nearby patch.

I also passed this field of chicory - chicory has a blue flower in a shade I've not seen in other plant. Too bad they're considered weeds. BTW, the ground roots are used as a coffee substitute or a coffee additive and is a tasty accompaniment to beignets in New Orleans. Luzianne coffee with chicory is also available in the local grocery stores. I sometimes have the craving for coffee but not enough to use a whole pound of it. Hummm, some would taste good now...maybe the local coffee shop sells bulk coffee with chicory.....need to check.

For three hours this afternoon, I meet several others knitters at the local yarn shop, Needle on the Square, for the monthly knitting group meeting. What fun sitting around with other knitters and browsing in the shop - I bought Universal Classic Worsted in Rose Garden color to knit into a baby blanket. I used this yarn in a black/gray/beige color scheme for the wrap I wore all over Paris. This yarn knits up nicely, is machine washable and is inexpensive. With all the young women I work with, I know someone will be announcing a pregnancy soon. Oh, one more thing, I have succumbed to the Crocs cult - I bought a pair of the Mary Janes today. I figure they're a good way to show off all my handknit socks!

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Diana said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your blog!!! I'm also a nurse and on my feet all day long. I've just switched from Crocs to Dawgs. Love them both, but Dawgs have more arch support. I haven't tried the Mary Jane's yet, but they are definitely adorable.

Your profile was inspirational. I think I'll go out for a run/walk!