Sunday, June 24, 2007

No Driving Saturday

I try to have a no driving day once a week when my schedule allows. My husband and I ride together when we have the same schedule (which is most of the time) but we are both guilty of driving big gas guzzlers. Hence....I try to keep my Xterra in the driveway as much as possible. Saturday was a beautifully warm summer day - I spent the morning cleaning house (husband was working) and I spent the evening reading and knitting outside. We needed a few items from the grocery store so I walked the mile or so to pick them up and have a quick lunch at the Italian restaurant adjacent to the Food Lion. Lentini's veggie sub and eggplant parmesan are tasty and inexpensive - I'm glad to have them close by.On my walk home I snapped several pictures of this beautifully restored old house.

I saw wild berry vines here and there along the road - the berries are not quite ripe - I tried one! We picked buckets of these when I was a kid...

Cleaned house, finished reading Water for Elephants, and had some exercise - nice day!

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