Monday, August 13, 2007

A Dorothy Parker Sunday

I walked 3.4 miles round trip on Sunday to see "Dorothy Parker's Laments" performed at the Star City Playhouse. Taken from the program - " The Star City Playhouse is a labor of love. Formerly, the Elizabeth Playhouse located 11 miles from Manhattan, owners Marlow and Karon Sue Semones Ferguson brought the ready made theater to the old Pete More Warehouse....

The purposes of this little theater will include the training of actors for professional careers, the creation of affordable art for the Valley and to encourage others to renovate old landmarks into useful spaces for the community. The Fergusons bring 45 years of NYC theatrical experience to the Valley and this is Karon Sue's gift back to the neighborhood and valley who raised her." What a treasure for Roanoke and how wonderful to be located in the blue collar, most ethnically diverse area of Roanoke ..... and only ten dollars a ticket with discounts for seniors and students.

Cookies and hot water for tea and instant coffee are available in the lobby for whatever gratuity you see fit.
I loved the vintage coffee maker filled with hot water.

Patrons are able to buy stars for the ceiling for a donation of $500.00. Chair plaques are available for a $200.00 donation.

These beautiful doors open into a small area with simple chairs and exposed ceiling pipes. The area is air-conditioned but hand fans are available for those who desire a little more air movement.

About a half block up from the theater I saw just the perfect partner for the Big Blonde. Along the three blocks I walked on Williamson Road I saw these signs and businesses. I can safely say no other area of Roanoke offers this diversity. I love my neighborhood....and the Star City Playhouse.

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