Friday, October 19, 2007

Just Another Day in (Almost) Paradise

After breakfast, headed out to the local yarn shop - now are you surprised? I easily found Knitting Up a Storm just off highway 17. The shop is roomy and light with a beautiful selection of cashmere, angoras, and wools. The right side of the shop is filled with all sorts of yarns appropriate for baby items and the back bins are filled with many sale yarns. I also appreciated the good selection of machine washable wool/acrylic blends and picked up some for the next baby blanket. I purchased Stitch and Bitch Nation and was delighted to review the instructions on modifying patterns. This will be a permanent addition to my library!

After leaving the yarn store I stopped at a natural food store I noted beside the Walmart and picked up some steel cut oatmeal. I have to eat something healthy for breakfast the next two days. Eggs, toast and potatoes is just too much!

Spent the afternoon lounging by the pool talking to a fellow knitter I meet two days ago. Sounds like a road trip to a January knitting retreat in Ohio is in my future....

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