Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tasty Frugal Cooking

Inspired by this blog entry, I prepared my dinner using the ingredients I have stashed in my refrigerator and cupboards. A tasty glass of California red - don't be fooled by the catchy name and cheesy silhouette - I dug around and came up with this:

Fresh collard greens, garlic, onion, cubed eggplant sauteed in a tasty olive oil and sprinkled with sun dried tomatoes, a quick dash of dried cayenne pepper from my garden, coarsely ground black pepper and a pinch of kosher salt ....

Over a fluffy bed of organic millet grain - and enough leftover for a hearty lunch tomorrow at work!

I've seriously fallen off the exercise wagon - my bike is in the back of my vehicle and I'm riding the newly opened greenway after work tomorrow!

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