Wednesday, October 31, 2007

To the Mall....

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a mall shopper. I don't like the cookie cutter sameness of malls and anyway I prefer to spend my hard earned money frugally but.....I needed to work on my business wardrobe so I headed out to the local mall in search of black pants. I've been scouting out the local thrift shops but I really can't get by on two pairs of pants working five days a week. I purchased three pairs of black pants in a polyester blend fabric that is machine washable and on sale - great! I have other clothing made by this same company and I find it washs well and is quite durable. So - a good day doing something I do only when necessary.

I popped into the A.C. Moore's to check out fabric only to find they don't carry any. The yarn selection is dismal and the store appeared to be more like a flea market - no reason for me to ever go back. I did find some beautiful, vintage inspired fabric at JoAnn's for an apron swap .....didn't ride my bike on the greenway but did ride my exercise bike for 30 minutes after I got home from this shopping excursion.

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